We solve complex

System Integrations

and applied

Artificial Intelligence


Share Your Problems

The Garage Philosophy

Don't Build It, Until You Need it.

We research your problem, and make sure it's totally worth solving using technology. If decent off-the-shelf solutions are available, we will suggest those as faster and cost-effective approach.

Your Problem Becomes Our Problem.

We don't only put ourselves in your shoes, but walk a mile with it. It gives us full understanding of your problem, and allows us to prescrive best solution.

Extensibility Over Scalability

We believe technology should foster business experiments and adapt new business requiements extremely fast. It's trully possible only with an extensible solution.


We go in-depth to truly understand your problem and provide valuable insight and feedback.

We work with champions inside your company to build technology solution that transform your business.

We transfer knowledge and train your employees to set you up for a successful future.


We enjoy listening to challenging problems and brainstorming smart solutions.